Created for CounterPointe5 in collaboration with Noël Hennelly
Premiered in 2017
Music: 7 and 7 is by Love, Study in White Noise 2 by Colin Minigan, String Quartet No. 2 by Colin Minigan arr. by Margaret Wiss
Costume Design: Margaret Wiss

2 dancer, 9 minutes


Upcoming Performances

Past Performances

May 19 & 20, 2017 - Green Street Studios - Cambridge, MA

April 7-9 2017 - The Actors Fund Arts Center - Brooklyn, NY

In “things/unthings,” artist Noël Hennelly created three body-sized, shelf-like sculptural objects, full of strips of wood, knickknacks, tools, and toys. The program was cleverly, and very elegantly, allusive. Choreographer Margaret Wiss used the dancers’ bodies and simple brown costumes to echo the structure and form of the objects, then brought them to life in a way that suggested a Minimalist version of the Nutcracker.
— Two Coats of Paint | CounterPointe: From white cube to black box