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One piece of music: Two distinguished works. 

Join North Atlantic Dance Theatre for an evening of exploration to see how one piece of music can inspire two different choreographic gems. 
Delve into the minds of our choreographers and composer with a Q & A after the show

Our audiences can observe both passionate new works in one performance. An opportunity for them to delve into the mind of each choreographer as their intimate abstractions of the music come to life onstage

The use of two choreographers to create works on the same piece of music offers audiences a brief glimpse into the mind of each choreographer showcasing the choices, themes, concepts each one has been inspired to create through the music.

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to Oct 15

Tiny & Short

Choreographers and performers will investigate the constrictions of space and time as a means to expand choreographic structures and movement invention – and ultimately how they communicate with audiences.  Within the casually intimate environment of Studio 7, audience will be immersed in the exciting and dynamic results of these choreographic challenges.

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